Men’s Sexual Health Issues

Most men do not ever want to hear this, however when considering testosterone, men hit their top at approximately age 17. Levels gradually stable for some time, then slowly and gradually commence to slip in their 30s and 40s. When a male gets to 80, his testosterone level will be about 50 % of what it was when they was a young lad.

For many years, doctors manipulate synthetic testosterone to help remedy a few men as their hormone level went low. Hypogonadism, as it is actually known as, may be the result of an issue in the testes (where most testosterone is created) or in the pituitary gland (known as the “master gland” under the brain that produces a signaling hormone to obtain the testes into activity).

The study behind the headlines involved greater than 2,000 men given tests of testosterone therapy after attending private Men’s Health treatment centers within the United kingdom.

The boys had a typical chronilogical age of 54, though some were aged 90. All of the men reported signs and symptoms connected using the so-known as male menopause. Most (83%) had testosterone levels that might be regarded as within the normal range, but all received tests of testosterone therapy.

The boys reported a decrease in signs and symptoms with treatment. However, you will find risks connected with testosterone therapy, including an elevated chance of cancer of the prostate and thrombus.

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