Medical Marijuana: What do the experts say?

Nearly 40 % of US adults as well as 12 % of US children used supporting or alternative treatments, based on a 2007 survey by leading heath agency, and much of what was once regarded as “alternative,” including cannabis, has become part of more-holistic routines offered by 40 % of US hospitals. Scientists who study the medical credibility of nonconventional remedies rarely view them as stand-alone treatments, choosing to call the partnership of conventional and nonconventional “integrated remedy.”
The medical use of cannabis continues to be researched for many years. But specialists still differ on how safe it is or how good it works.
A few medical professionals don’t suggest marijuana due to the fact that:
  • It hasn’t been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Marijuana may impair a person’s judgment, memory, and coordination. It may improve your risk of being in a car accident.
  • Marijuana smoke may hurt your lungs.
  • There are legal drugs that may work equally well, including new types of pain and nausea or vomiting medicines.
Other medical experts do recommend cannabis because:
  • It could possibly provide pain alleviation when normal pain medications aren’t effective or have negative effects.
  • It can enhance appetite as well as reduce nausea in individuals who have cancer malignancy or AIDS.
  • Assistance in relieving symptoms including pain and muscle stiffness  in people who have multiple sclerosis.
Make sure to let your doctor know if you are using medical cannabis. If you’re expecting, alcohol or drugs, including marijuana is not good for you .

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